We offer depth therapy at $200 per session, a cost which can be reduced depending on your insurance plan.

One way to view the cost of therapy is to see it as similar to education. We commit to education for many years, usually at five days a week, for tens of thousands of dollars. Why? Because we know that education is a formative experience.

Taking depth therapy is like going to the gym, improving your diet, or investing in years of education: it is an investment to enrich the next phase of your life.

An emotional education.

Though we undergo years of education, many of us miss what might be called an emotional education: an exploration of human nature and our individual natures—who we are and how we function. There are no institutions in our society equivalent to schools or universities set up to provide this. Depth therapy offers this formative experience that many of us missed.

It is important to note that depth therapy is also different in key ways from education. Depth therapy is not about learning a curriculum, but working with an intelligent and wise professional to explore, understand, and better integrate the layers that make up your self—as a basis for lasting personal growth, and guiding your life with greater wisdom.