Archive is a company that seeks to bring depth therapy to as many people as possible, as well as to contribute to the refinement and evolution of the practice of therapy.

We believe that the best and most long-lasting improvements in the world follow from individual growth. When people become wiser, kinder, and more self-knowledgeable versions of themselves, the flow-on effects from this are immense: better relationships, better-run organizations, wiser use of resources, and greater resilience and ability to heal from conflict and trauma. Helping individuals grow has ripple effects across society (everyone that those individuals influence over their lifetime) and down the generations. Our hope is that we can contribute to this through the therapy we offer.

Our overarching goal—in conjunction with like-minded organizations and leaders—is to reach a point where 10% of the world’s population is in high-quality therapy: that is, therapy that actually helps those people become kinder, wiser versions of themselves, better able to cope with their own shadows and find the insight, patience, and energy to help others.

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