About Archive


Archive is a company that seeks to bring depth therapy to as many people as possible, as well as to contribute to the refinement and evolution of the practice of therapy.

We believe the most valuable improvements in the world follow from individual growth. When individuals become wiser, kinder, more self-knowledgeable versions of themselves, the flow-on effects from this are extensive: better relationships, better-run organizations, wiser use of resources, greater resilience at the individual and collective level. Helping individuals grow has ripple effects across society—everyone those people influence over their lifetime—and down the generations. Our hope is that we can contribute to this through the therapy we offer.

Our team.

Founder and CEO

Jack Fuller, LPC

Jack is a therapist, with a degree in neuroscience from Melbourne University and a doctorate in theology from Oxford University where he studied on a Rhodes Scholarship. Previously Jack worked at Boston Consulting Group. He is the co-author of The Imagination Machine (HBR Press, 2021).

Chief Marketing Officer

Ling Zhong

Ling is fractional CMO at Archive, and Associate Partner at ERM. Ling joined Archive after working at startups Vested and Coterie. Prior to that she worked at Boston Consulting Group, where she led multiple GTM & digital transformations at Fortune 100 companies. She has a masters from MIT and a degree in history from Yale University.

Director of HR and Recruiting

Christie Schnitzler

Christie brings over ten years of healthcare experience to Archive, with a background in staffing and account management, having previously worked at Moonlighting Solutions and Locum Leaders. She holds a degree from The University of Alabama.

Operations and Training Manager

Liza Rosa

Liza is an experienced project manager with a passion for and background in education. Previously she was Client Success Manager at Challenger and Program Coordinator at the DC College Access Program. She has a degree from George Mason University and studied Elementary Education at Johns Hopkins University.


Are you a therapist who would like to work with Archive?

Find your professional home with us, as we build a company informed by the principles of psychodynamic therapy, with a strong focus on training in the humanities (literature, philosophy, history, anthropology, etc.), as well as case consultation, and support for supervision and analytic training.

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